This work has one purpose: to help anyone tell, carry and share stories that can help us design an economy in service to life.

A healthier economy that puts the life we need to live first, acknowledging that the wellbeing of the more-than-human world is fundamental.

Which means breathing life into some stories and bringing others to an end, so that together we can weave a narrative of interbeing, of interconnection, of relationship.

With an invitation for everyone bringing stories into our cultures to step into service.

That’s artists, writers, designers, film-makers, musicians, journalists, scriptwriters, business innovators, TV producers, radio programmers, media owners, creative activists, ad creatives, management consultants, technologists, games designers, culture jammers, content creators, musicians, lifestyle influencers, comedians, strategists, community activists, social change-makers, myth-makers, teachers, parents and more.

This is not an academic report or a policy document, it aims to be light, experimental and practical, and what is written here is not a suggestion or a claim but a noticing.

You might include yourself in the list above or maybe you’re just curious about how stories shape our world. Either way, this is for you. Ultimately all of us, whether we’re professional storytellers or just good friends, relatives and ancestors, are needed.

Stories aren’t ‘the solution’, they won’t fix everything, and so much is omitted from stories. But the role stories play in redesigning our systems is critical, and we all play a role in their telling.

Thank you for being here.

Initiated March 2020 (Updated May 2023)


Our partners

The Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEALL) is the leading collaboration of organisations, alliances, movements and individuals working to transform the economic system.

The Green Economy Coalition (GEC) is the world’s largest alliance for green and fair economies, including trade unions, businesses, NGOs, UN agencies and citizen’s groups.


In the wild

Since its launch in 2020, Stories for Life has been gently and organically spreading.

At our launch event we were joined by:

We have played, collaborated and connected with various other efforts, including:

In 2022 our animation was shown on the main stages at Glastonbury music festival.

In May 2023 experiential learning platform Becoming Crew from The Spaceship Earth launched a 3 month guided ‘(un)learning adventure’ for Story Rebels called The Remix, exploring the power and role of stories in these times at a relational level, and featuring special guests:

credit: Becoming Crew

Keep your eye out for more from the team and our partners soon…



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