This work has one purpose: to help create stories that contribute to the re-design of a healthier economy. 

To bring forth new and ancient stories into our culture, which weave a narrative of interconnection and help us design a new type of economy.

An economy where we put life at the centre, the health and wellbeing of people and planet, of all life, an economy re-designed to be in service to life.

Weaving this narrative needs engagement across cultures. It will need everyone who brings stories into our cultures to participate and play. 

That means artists, writers, designers, film-makers, musicians, journalists, scriptwriters, storytellers, business innovators, TV producers, radio programmers, media owners, creative activists, ad creatives, technologists, games designers, culture jammers, content creators, music and lifestyle influencers, comedians, strategists, community activists, social change makers, myth makers, teachers, parents and more to step into service.

You might include yourself in the list above or you’re just curious about how stories determine the direction we’re heading in. If so, this is for you.

This is not an academic report or a policy document. It aims to be light, experimental and practical.

Thank you for joining us.

December 2020



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