Written by Dan Burgess & Paddy Loughman

Project: What’s the Story?

A collaborative inquiry with Green Economy Coalition, Wellbeing Economy Alliance, The SpaceShip Earth and Friday Future Love.

With Emily Benson, Ben Martin, Lisa Hough-Stewart, Rabia Abrar, Michael Weatherhead.

Design– Loz Ives
Web– Ed Ball

With Gratitude

This project started in October 2019, it included desk research, interviews, a challenge led creative hack and enormous amounts of zoom conversations. It’s been inspired by and builds on the work of many brilliant humans, thinkers, writers, creators, activists, designers and change-makers, many whom we reference in this site and via the inspiration page.

A huge thanks to the many people who have contributed to this project directly and indirectly, a conversation, a favour, an introduction, an idea, your time, you know who you are ( if we’ve missed you out please shout!) :

Alex Shaud, Alexander Beiner, Alex Weller, Andres Roberts, Ann Starr, Anna Chrysopoulou, Anna Murray, Bean Downes, Camila Fava Pestana, Carin Campanario, Carlota Sanz Ruiz, Cassie Robinson, Cathy Runciman, Chris Baylis, Chris Bettles, Chris Shaw, Chris Turner, Chrissy Levett, Donald Cameron, Ella Saltmarshe, Elle Adams, Finn Strivens, Floyd Sayers, Gail Gallie, Gemma Hardy, Gemma Jones, Glimpse, Good for Nothing, Grace Lambert-Phillips, Harriet Kingaby, Jack Horner, James Lewis, James Turner, Jan Hellemans, Jason Hocking, Jessie Brinton, Jenny Brewer, Jim Haven, John Knights, Jon Alexander, Jonathan Wise, Justin Cross, Kate Boddington, Kate Searight, Laura Storm, Lewis Kay-Thatcher, Lida H, Lucy Von Sturmer, Mariana Fabricante, Mark Aink, Matt Golding, Merlin Nation, Michael Soloman, Mike Benson, Owen Diplock, Paul Van Damme, Pete Ashworth, Purpose Disrupters, Richard Dawes, Rob McFaul, Robbie Greatrex, Sarah Hutchinson, Saul Parker, Sean Pilot de Chennecy, Seemah Nahome-Burgess, Shana Tefall, Sophie Dollar, Stephen King, Ted Hunt, The Trampery, Tim Malnick, Timo Peach, Tom Bailey, Tom Farrand, Tommy Crawford, Vanessa Stockly.